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Quality services from a specialist barrister

Ms Morgan is a Barrister, Arbitrator and Mediator 

As mentioned, her area of expertise is Family Law but Lindy also practices in civil law litigation more generally and specifically in the following areas: 

  • Estates/Wills/Succession 

  • Adult Guardianship 

  • Anti-discrimination 

  • Mental Health 

  • Domestic & Family Violence 

  • Care and Protection 

Lindy is able to provide the following in any of her areas of practice:  

  • Accurate, timely and expert legal advice or opinion work (even on limited issues of law); 

  • Settlement or drafting of documents (including proposed orders or correspondence) to the highest of standards; 

  • First-rate representation at any court event including mentions, interim or interlocutory hearings and final hearings; 

  • Mediation. 


In the Family Law arena Lindy is also able to: 

  • Accept briefs from solicitors Australia wide;

  • Accept direct access briefs (in some circumstances); 

  • Mediate Family Law matters including those involving parents, same sex couples, grandparents and children;

  • Arbitrate Family Law property matters referred by a Family Law court. 

Lindy is a Nationally Accredited Arbitrator and is on the List of Arbitrators held by the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators (AIFLAM).  This list has been delegated to the care of AIFLAM via its relationship with the Family Law Section (FLS) of the Law Council of Australia (LCA) pursuant to Regulation 67B of the Family Law Regulation 1984 (Cth).  


Lindy has also extensive experience, particularly in Queensland and the NT, in the Family Law mediation space as a Mediator and party lawyer.   Lindy has been trained in the facilitative mediation model and this style of mediation exemplifies her approach.

Interested in Lindy's services?

Ms Morgan can be contacted via her clerk:

T: 0392257871

M: 0439365666



Or directly:



Lindy is conversant with technology and can offer assistance (including mediation and arbitration) by way of Zoom, Microsoft Teams or other. 


Lindy is able to receive briefs from solicitors in the NT or interstate. In addition, Lindy may accept direct access briefs (i.e. straight from a party) in certain circumstances.  To brief Lindy please contact her directly at or via her clerk on 0392257871 or 0439365666 or by email at

Before being briefed Ms Morgan may be able to provide a quote (on a lump sum or hourly basis). 


Given her commitment to those in rural, remote and regional Australia, Lindy is willing and able to assist those outside metropolitan areas: in person conferences may be available.